Winter at the KED: Ready, set, snow!

As Canadians, we’re used to the cold. The KED will take into consideration the design, maintenance challenges, and opportunities of being located in a winter city by taking inspiration from successful examples throughout Canada, the northern United States and Nordic countries.

Warming stations will be installed at areas of high pedestrian use and nearby trails. Outdoor social spaces and amenities will be integrated throughout the site to allow for skating, snowmobiling, and other winter related activities that may be permanent fixtures or pop-up events.

We know winter equipment and clothing such as skis and snowshoes can be a hassle at times, which is why storage for visitors will be integrated in nearby buildings.

In order to create a safe space for visitors to explore and use, the site will be well lit and maintain lines of sight so that the short daylight hours in winter months will not affect the KED.

Effort to create locations for snow storage and streets that promote a convenient method of snow removal will be considered. Accumulated snow during the winter months will be moved and relocated frequently to ensure parking lots, key access points to buildings, and lines of sight are not interrupted.

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