Urban Furniture at the KED: Furniture & Fresh Air

Furniture is more than just something to sit on. It's a reflection of the character and the vibe of a building or centre. At the Kingsway Entertainment District, our design goes beyond walls and embraces the open spaces outside. As you stroll through our walkways and paths, you will find outdoor urban furniture, which interfaces with our indoor and outdoor facilities. 

Throughout the KED, you will have the option for outdoor activities plus various pieces of urban furniture to gather with your friends.

Urban furniture includes benches, waste management and recycling stations, street lights, transit shelters, bicycle racks, and even water stations, in an effort to encourage pedestrians to explore. These will be provided to reinforce the KED’s sense of place. All of the urban furniture will have similar styles to ensure a uniform look and feel.

Wear and tear is also something we took into account. Durability is a key factor during our selection process for urban furniture to ensure longevity. 

A city is an expression of the people that live in it and the City of Greater Sudbury is no exception. How we live gives shape and form to our community. The KED will be home to many reflections of our lifestyle and the natural beauty of Northern Ontario. Sports, entertainment, open spaces, urban and rural landscapes all contribute to the fabric that makes Greater Sudbury home. The design and material selection for urban furniture will reflect those standards set for buildings within the KED.

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