Transit at the KED: A to B, trouble free

Transportation to the Kingsway Entertainment District will be extremely easy and convenient, no matter where in Sudbury you are coming from!

Bus stops and shelters will also be integrated throughout the KED, allowing full access for the City of Greater Sudbury Transit Authority (GOVA) Sudbury public transit system that will service the District.

The initial use of the GOVA system will provide visitors with access to the events centre/OHL arena from various transit stops throughout the City.

The GOVA system has been designed to grow as the KED grows. It is anticipated that as the KED develops and grows GOVA service will extend further into the site with the potential of a transit hub being established within the District.

In addition to the regular GOVA service to the KED, express bus service will be available before and after events within the KED. The express buses will deliver visitors directly to and from events in the KED to the GOVA transit hubs in New Sudbury and downtown.

GOVA will provide easy access to and from the KED, reduce parking concerns and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to experience all that the KED has to offer (check out last week’s blog on sustainability to learn how KED will reduce its environmental footprint).

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