The Journey Ahead: KED Next Steps

The Kingsway Entertainment District is excited to announce the commencement of the centerpiece and focal point of the district. The KED is currently planning on housing the events centre, casino, and hotel conference centre.

The journey ahead includes many steps in order to achieve this, which are listed below along with expected dates for each:

Site preparation for the KED will begin in November 2021 and go until June 2022. Preparation involves optimizing the location and the land of the KED through rock blasting in order to optimize elevations for maximum function and design.

After the site preparation is complete, the construction of roads, intersections, and a stormwater management pond will begin, slated to go from approximately June 2022 to October 2023.

These spectacular buildings will start to grow out of the ground next summer for a period of two years to see completion for labour day in Sept 2024.

We are excited to get to work on the Kingsway Entertainment District and create something special that will last generations. We have many more announcements that we will make shortly, so stay tuned! #growgreater

To learn more about the details of the events centre, visit the City of Greater Sudbury’s website:

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