Street Details at the KED: A Freshly Paved Future

The Kingsway Entertainment District wants to break the visual in your mind of being just a stand-alone building surrounded by a huge parking lot. 

That is NOT the KED. 

We want you to picture a community campus with indoor and outdoor living - a community within a community and connecting all of these spaces together are streets.

Not only are streets important for transportation by car, they also are a connective thread for the entertainment district and all the experiences it has to offer.

Here are a few elements of The Plan:

  • Bicycle lanes will be incorporated within these roadways in both directions. 
  • Sidewalks will be placed on both sides of streets, allowing flexibility for whichever mode of transportation you prefer. 
  • A mix of coniferous and deciduous trees will be planted on either side of the sidewalks to convey a strong sense of environment. 

To learn more about the KED’s walking paths, check out our blog on open spaces!

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