Signage at the KED: Heading in the Right Direction

The Kingsway Entertainment District will have plenty of things to explore, and we don’t want you to get lost!  Our navigation plan will make getting around the district as easy as possible for our visitors.

Multilingual signage for streets, parking, and building entries will be developed for the KED while permitting the clear representation of individual buildings and corporate identities. Our signage will reinforce the KED brand visuals through the choice of materials. 

Interpretive signage will be developed for the KED along the bicycle, pedestrian, and multi-use trails. As we mentioned last week, some signs will educate visitors on the vegetation included throughout the site (head to our landscaping blog to read more about that).

All signage will be strategically placed for optimal vantage points so they are visible to visitors during day and night by coordinating with the placement of our lighting and pedestrian features. Signage will also be streamlined and have clear messaging, while being integrated in all of the buildings’ architecture. 

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