KED Parking: The Only Ticket You'll Get is for the Game

When considering all of the high-energy, exciting, and engaging experiences that will take place at the KED, the parking experience seems like a very bland topic to start with.  But, after surveying a large number of Sudburians, parking is at the top of the list when it comes to the ideal criteria for an entertainment district.

And why wouldn’t it be! 

Parking is the beginning of any drive-to experience. Drivers will need to leave their vehicle somewhere safe, easily accessible and, most importantly, there needs to be an available parking spot.  When these three things don’t line up, it can make for a frustrating first impression.

As the KED focuses on bringing new entertainment opportunities and experiences to the North, critical things like parking, need to be in place to give people the freedom to participate in all the cool things that will be there! 

At the end of the day, we want people to remember the fun things they did, and the special memories they made, rather than a terrible parking situation.  

Based on the feedback the community provided us in our survey, we were able to categorize our results and determine the most important criteria the people of Greater Sudbury are looking for on this subject. Here are our insights: 

Safety was a top concern.  Having the ability to park in a big, open, well-lit area is crucial to feeling safe.  Ask any woman in your life, parking in a secluded parking lot, walking down an alley, being in an unsupervised parking garage, can be anxiety inducing. Having a lot designed with the user’s safety in mind will offer a more welcoming first impression. 

Wide Parking Spaces - parking in a crowded lot with tight spaces can be extremely challenging when you’re a parent of small children or anyone with mobility issues.  Having room to swing your door open wide when getting out of a car is a luxury that isn’t afforded in a cramped space or when having to open your door into street traffic.  Room to safely remove car seats, walkers, strollers or any other pieces of equipment can really enhance the experience.

Availability - in order to park, there needs to be an open space to park.  As a part of the KED design guideline, 1,250 parking spaces will be available at the event centre, plus an additional 1,400 spaces dedicated to overflow parking.  Circling the street trying to find an open space will be a thing of the past once our district is operating in full force. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! 

Are we missing anything? Tell us and be a part of growing Greater Sudbury! 

Your thoughts are vital in ensuring that we can reach community expectations. At the end of the day, the KED wants Sudburians to remember the fun things they did and the special memories they made, rather than the parking situation they found themselves in. 

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