Open Spaces at the KED: Plenty to Explore

Nature and the great outdoors are core parts of Sudbury’s identity, so why not embrace it?

The World Health Organization states that “green spaces and other nature-based solutions offer innovative approaches to increase the quality of urban settings, enhance local resilience and promote sustainable lifestyles, improving both the health and the well-being of urban residents.” Maintaining nature through open spaces has been an important detail while planning our entertainment district.

At the KED building site, we have plenty of space, leaving lots of room for new walking trails, biking routes, and designated cross country ski and snowmobile trails to enjoy during the winter months.

As we develop the grounds, surrounding open spaces will be protected during the construction in order to best preserve their existing condition. We are also committed to replacing a large percentage of the area of disturbed vegetation throughout the development.

Open spaces will be featured throughout the site and environmental best practices will be encouraged. These open spaces will serve functional purposes in addition to the wide variety of recreational activities.

Other open and informal gathering spaces will be integrated into the KED and will thread their way through the District, connecting it to the City and beyond.

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