Landscaping at the KED: Sticking to our Roots and Planting New Ones

Over the last number of decades, the City of Greater Sudbury has undergone an internationally celebrated effort to re-green its landscape. The Kingsway Entertainment District’s development is an opportunity to continue to celebrate this achievement and further the re-greening effort.

Local experts will advise on the best practices for planting and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the KED’s natural environment.

Only species of plants that are native to Sudbury will be incorporated in our development. Non-native materials will be avoided and the existing biodiversity of the site and area will be respected.

The KED’s commitment to landscaping will honor a year-round appearance, and prioritize this in the planning process. We will ensure a natural and green look is maintained during all months of the year - even during the winter season.

The KED will utilize its multi-lingual signage (which we will talk about in a future blog - stay tuned!) to incorporate educational signage throughout the areas of pedestrian movement and allow visitors to better understand the natural environment surrounding them.

Great effort will go into ensuring KED is a reflection of the north, and landscaping will be a unique development opportunity that may set the bar for future developments in Greater Sudbury.

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