Lighting at the KED: The Future is Bright

Lighting is an often overlooked feature of the planning process. It can foster a strong sense of safety and security if done correctly.  When surveying Sudburians, safety was one of the top priorities for an ideal entertainment district.

At the KED, lighting will provide a safe, comfortable evening environment for all visitors and provide guidance and direction, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of evening activities.

Our modern and high-quality lighting will exceed current city standards. Some lighting may include built-in audio, security systems and the capability to have banner attachments. For winter festivities, the site will also have the capabilities to include external lighting.

Our lighting will have a unique style and design, not only being achieved through light poles, but also in-ground decorative uplighting that will accentuate natural rock features on the premises. Lights will be placed and oriented to best serve pedestrian visitors through illuminated pathways, parking lots, and entrances. 

The environment is also an important factor to be considered, which is why lighting will be eco-friendly. Site lighting will also help minimize the impact of light pollution and preserve dark skies through the use of full cut-off fixtures, in keeping with the City’s Site Plan Control Guidelines.

The KED will be a destination for all ages, foster a sense of community, and bring a new name to Sudbury entertainment. In order to achieve this, it all starts with creating a safe environment, which is our top priority.

We hope you found this illuminating!

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