Building Design at the KED: The Look of the North

The design style at the Kingsway Entertainment District is northern contemporary.

The KED will incorporate a variety of local materials including stone, wood/timber, and glazing into its building design. The use of these long-lasting materials will help unify the look of buildings, while permitting the clear representation of individual buildings and their corresponding identities. All exterior designs will vary in depth and material so that light and shadows add to the texture and composition of the buildings, making them really stand out.

The design of the different spaces at the KED will also be developed to allow for a visual connection to the surrounding natural views and other unique qualities that our site has to offer.

It is imperative to us that sustainability is taken into great consideration. The KED will follow the principles of Passive House, which is one of the most rigorous voluntary energy-based standards in design and construction today. Passive House principles consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. Developments within the KED will be asked to meet or exceed Passive House standards while maximizing solar access.

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